Website Design

If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, does it make a sound?

The proverbial question raises a good point when it comes to your web presence. If your website exists but no one can find it, does its existence count?

Even more importantly, once someone lands on your site, do they take action?

Not so long ago, the reason for a website was to legitimize a business. If you were serious, credible and professional, you had a website where people could find out what you sell and the services you provide. But the digital landscape morphs faster than Iron Man can don his super suit.

Fast forward to today and a static, “brochure-like” website doesn’t work any longer.  Simply having a website doesn’t mean you’ll get discovered. Once someone lands on your website, it doesn’t mean they’ll become a customer.

You need more than a website designer who can make a pretty website. You need someone who understands how to move your customers from their search bar to your website and ultimately to your cash register. That’s exactly what we do at Silver Tablet.

Our Process

Uncover the Attributes of Your Ideal Customer

Together we’ll dive deeply into your ideal prospect to discover their pain points, objections, influences and motivations. Along with demographic data, this helps us craft the look, copy and pathway they will take to becoming your customer. (We have our own process called the Fish Tank Avatar.)

Get Found, No Matter Where They're Searching

We’ll dig behind the scenes and evaluate the best words, phrases and content to use so you get discovered when someone’s “googling” you on their desktop or asking Siri or Alexa for advice. Plus we’ll take care of the techie stuff on the back end that helps you get found by popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo

Convince Them to Buy

We’ll design your site’s navigation to lead your customers on a purposeful path and discover how your solution perfectly fits their needs. They’ll have an opportunity to engage with you at every turn.

Stay True to Your Brand

We’ll make sure to stay “on brand” with the design, tapping the psychology of color, persuasive copywriting that matches your voice and content that’s designed for your customer. We’ll even offer suggestions for a “lead magnet” so you can start building your email list.