Social Media Marketing & Consulting

Put your brand in your prospect’s hands.

Whether you love it or hate it, social media is here to stay. Social media marketing is a tempting option for business owners because it’s free and most of us have some experience with it.

However, using social media for business is different than using one for personal reasons. Effective social media use requires a strategic approach that the 20-something year old in your office probably can’t provide.

Believe it or not, your business is on social media whether you have an official account or not. Your customers are talking about you there so you have a choice. You can choose to be a part of the conversation or you can turn a deaf ear.

Social media is a powerful way to literally put your brand right at your prospect’s fingertips. It’s the catalyst that drives customers to your website. But its power doesn’t stop there.

You can use it to and provide excellent customer service, nurture relationships and show your customers (and all their Facebook friends) that you really care. There is nothing stronger than a personal referral except a personal referral on a public platform.

Silver Tablet Marketing’s Social Media services include:

  • Social media ad campaigns and full digital sales funnels
  • Set-up of your branded social media accounts
  • Set-up of third party social media management tools and listening channels
  • Social media content calendar creation
  • Management of your social media pages
  • Social meeting training for your staff


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