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Our Services

Advances in digital marketing have made it affordable for small and mid-sized businesses to use the same strategies employed by big, successful brands. You just need to understand what’s possible to use them to your advantage.

What you need

You are a business owner, not a strategic marketer. Maybe, you don’t have room for a marketing master on your payroll. Or maybe you understand marketing but it isn’t your “thing.” It’s definitely not where you want to spend your time. Yet without a marketing plan that brings in a steady stream of customers, your business won’t survive. You need a marketing advisor who will help you untangle all the options and create a cohesive, strategic plan that meets your business goals. We can be that partner, setting you up with the insight and skills to take advantage of the power of digital marketing.

What we do

Do you need a marketing adviser or simply a marketing coach? Silver Tablet can provide both — and a range of services in between. We are flexible to meet your exact needs. No matter which you choose, we encourage all of our clients to begin at the beginning with a Customer Insight Discovery Session. This session will provide clarity about your ideal customer and how you can most effectively develop a lasting relationship with them. You can take the information from the Discovery Session and run with it or we can implement a plan for you.

Silver Tablet Marketing will work with you as a partner to create effective marketing strategies. Together we’ll untangle all the options and create a cohesive, strategic plan that meets your business goals. Whether you need someone to execute your entire plan or just a piece of it, we’re here to help.

Internet Marketing

Introduce your company to your prospects online and convince them to buy your offer and become a raving fan. We’ll build a custom digital sales funnel using advanced methods that works behind the scenes 24/7.

Web Design

80% of consumers do online research before buying. But most business owners treat their website like a paper brochure. We help you design your website to generate leads, not just lookers. 

Advertise on the Hottest Platforms

Discover all the ways social media can boost customer engagement, get sales, and help you retain your customers. Paid advertising puts your message in front of your ideal prospect on the platforms they check multiple times a day. It’s the most efficient way to use your advertising budget.

Collect Rave Reviews

You’ve worked hard to deliver an amazing  experience. We work to bring in good reviews and minimize bad ones so you’re putting your best foot forward.