STL Real Producers

STL Real Producers

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The Challenge:

After completing the My Company Gifts website for this client, he hired me to create a site for his new venture: STL Real Producers magazine. The challenge was finding a way to attract two different audiences: Realtors who were looking for resources and advertising partners, who are the bread and butter of the magazine.

We adopted the red and white color used by N2 Publishing, the parent company of Real Producers magazine. Silver Tablet then designed a new logo featuring the St. Louis skyline.

The site features a clean design on a white backdrop to showcase the publication. Each publication page has  a clickable link for the current edition plus a gallery of cover images for past publications. A Partner Directory for each magazine is updated each month and helps Realtors connect with service providers in their industry. Realtors can also find information about local events and the STL Real Producers Quarterly Social. Throughout the site you will find buttons that encourage prospective partners to find out more and join.


Since its launch, the site has garnered more than 9000 views and has become the go-to resource for people in the local Real Estate industry. Because of the success of the STL edition, the owner launched a second edition for the St. Louis Metro East area and continues to grow.

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