Radon B-Gone

Radon B-Gone

Industry:  Radon Testing

Website:  www.radonbgonestl.com


Radon testing is not something that most people think about until they’re ready to buy or sell a house. In fact, most people are surprised to find how prevalent the problem of radon is in the St. Louis area. The business owner wanted to make sure that his site educated people about the risks of radon and compel the homeowners to have their houses tested.

The owner is a veteran and wanted his site to reflect that. We used his logo as a guide, and created a complementary color scheme that recalls the colors of the Army.

We knew that copy alone would not be enough to convey the dangers of radon so we developed a series of custom infographics that are found throughout the site that tell a compelling visual story.

The Results:

The owners was very pleased with the results. The average visitors spends almost a minute and a half on the site, well above the industry average. The  site is doing exactly what it was designed to do – educate people on the risks of radon so they call to book a test.

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