Papa Bear Popcorn

Papa Bear Popcorn

Industry:  Retail Food Sales

The Challenge:

The new owners of Papa Bear Popcorn wanted to overhaul the outdated design and improve the functionality of the site.  Outdated and unappetizing photos, a complicated navigation structure, and mismatched product sizes gave the site an amateur feel. The owners wanted to make sure that the site displayed well on both desktop and mobile, and wanted to add a number of new pages.

The Results:

We reviewed many competitor sites and worked with the owners to analyze the way people search the site.  We reorganized the categories and menu items to help visitors find and buy exactly what they are looking for quickly and easily. We replaced all the product photos on the site with mouth-watering new ones and added new pages. We also added a new pick-up functionality which allows customers to place an order and indicate a pick-up time and a pop-up sign up form to collect email addresses of website visitors. The new site design had an immediate, positive impact on sales.  Within the first few weeks, retail sales via the website had begun to improve. Online store conversion rate improved by 118% and their total sales in the quarter that the website was launched improved by 279% over the previous year.

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