P.S. Rapp Sewer & Plumbing

P.S. Rapp Sewer & Plumbing

Industry:  Plumbing (B2C, B2B)

Website:  psrapp.com


The Challenge:

P.S. Rapp needed to update their site so that it was mobile-friendly. The company is well-known in the St. Louis area for its owner, “The Lady Plumber” so we took the redesign as an opportunity to strengthen her unique position as a female in the plumbing industry.

Since this is a home service, we decided that it was important that prospects were not only confident in the technical abilities of the team, but also felt comfortable with them personally. We developed a page that tells the story of how the owner became St. Louis’ “Lady Plumber.” We added photos of the team so that customers would be able to identify plumbers when they arrived at the door.

The old site did not have a list of all her services, so we broke them down and outlined them clearly. Most importantly, her previous site had no contact form. She was only taking calls. We added a new form for non-emergency service inquiries.

The Results:

The new site has been extremely well received. Within a few days of its launch, she started to receive leads from the contact form on the site and the traffic has not stopped. She now has jobs booked out for weeks in advance.

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