My Company Gifts

My Company Gifts

Industry:  Real Estate, Corporate Gift Giving (Cutco) (B2B)

The Challenge:

The owner of My Company Gifts had a dated website that was not mobile-friendly and lacked character. It used a stark black, white and red color scheme, old-fashioned fonts and had no clear call to action. More importantly, the company’s website did not convey the service aspect of the business and why someone should use them instead of another Cutco dealer.

After several consultations, we decided that the branding needed to change. Rather than using black, red and white, we suggested a theme of turquoise and white, reminiscent of Tiffany’s, one of the most luxurious gift brands in the world. We carefully selected images for the site that convey a sense of good taste (wine, satin-wrapped packages, luxurious dining, and rich textures.)

We redefined the company’s unique sales proposition. We focused on two pain points that Realtors have when finding closing gifts…time needed to select and buy a memorable gift and the desire to use closing gifts as a way to stay top of mind after the sale.

Instead of focusing solely on the products, we positioned the staff of My Company Gifts as expert gift curators and providers of a simple, scalable marketing system that saves Realtors time and provides better results.  We also added valuable content so the site could also become a resource for Realtors. The website also became a platform for the founder to expand his speaking and training services.

The Results:

Since the redesign, the website’s traffic has more than tripled. Not only did the number of visitors increase, but so did the time they spent on the site perusing the offerings. The owner is transferring his focus to another business, but his site has become so valuable that other Cutco dealers are interested in buying it from him.

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