Green Gal of the Midwest

Green Gal of the Midwest

Industry:  Food blog (B2C)


The Challenge:

This website is the dream of Toni Oplt, a passionate writer, environmentalist and food lover.  She wanted a way to share her original recipes, thoughts on living green,  and enjoying the pleasures of a simple life.

She originally launched her blog using a free WordPress template, but felt  frustrated with its busy design. Instead of opting for a traditional format, we created a homepage with four beautifu black and white images that come to life when the reader scrolls over them. Each image represents a category of her blog:  Live Green, Let’s Eat, Live Simply and Come Home.

In the footer, visitors can plainly see recent posts as well as different categories of foods.

We added a pop up lead magnet so that Toni can build her email list. She sends a newsletter once each month and hopes to launch a cookbook soon.

The Results:

Toni has build her blog from 0 to over 1000 visitors and loves the opportunity to share her thoughts with her visitors and subscribers.

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