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Old Site:

New Site:


The Challenge:

The FranSelect site design was old-fashioned and wasn’t optimized for mobile. It used outdated stock images of people in corporate business attire that did not resonate with the type of people whom the business wanted to attract.  The home page had multiple calls-to-action that were distracting. There were no testimonials, and no clear explanation of the advantages to using FranSelect. The fee structure for clients was also unclear.

First, we decided that the blue color scheme was dull and uninviting. We kept the logo design, but used splashes of yellow to make visitors feel happy, hopeful and upbeat as they started their journey to find the perfect franchise.  We switched out the old-fashioned stock images for updated images and trendy icons.

We redesigned the home page so that there was one clear to action, repeated twice within the page and emphasized by a bright yellow button. The invitation to use the free franchise selection tool is also located above the header and follows users throughout the site.

We added a new page entitled “The FranSelect System” where we presented the benefits of the step-by-step system developed by the company’s owner and the pitfalls of not going into franchise ownership with your eyes wide open. The page includes an FAQ section. Adding this page helped visitors understand more clearly the advantages of working with FranSelect, the pain they may experience if they don’t,  and gave us another opportunity to optimize the site for keywords and phrases.

We removed links to resources that re-routed visitors to other websites, and revamped the blog and Trivia content to keep people on the site longer. We also peppered the site with compelling statistics on Franchise ownership.


The owner has received leads on his site every month since it was launched. We are now running Facebook and Instagram ads to the site with great results!



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