Curb Appeal Pros

Curb Appeal Pros

Industry:  Pressure Washing (B2B, B2C)

The Challenge: 

The owner of Curb Appeal Pros approached Silver Tablet to find out how he could optimize the website he had created himself. After the initial consultation, he discovered that he had inadvertently been using some “black hat” SEO (search engine optimization) tactics that were putting his site at risk. He decided that a complete overhaul was in order and entrusted the development of his site to Silver Tablet.

One of the challenges he faced was attracting people who were searching for “power washing” services. Curb Appeal Pros isn’t a “power washing’ service. Instead, they use a “soft wash” technique to avoid the pitfalls of power washing. Yet many homeowners are unaware that power washing is actually damaging to their homes.

To attract clients looking for “power washing” services, we crafted content that used keywords that prospects would be using, but turned them on their head. Now when people search “power washing” in St. Louis, they quickly discover that the answer that they’re looking for is not power washing at all, but precisely the technique used by Curb Appeal Pros.

We also added testimonials, compelling before and afters, a better navigation menu, and a blog.

The Results: 

The owner recouped his investment quickly when he won a contract for a large commercial project for more than 3x the cost of the website less than a month after it was launched. One of the reasons he chose Curb Appeal Pros was because there website outshone the competitors!

Curb Appeal Pros continues to be a client. They had their most successful fall after Silver Tablet ran a Facebook campaign for their driving sealing services, tripling their revenue from the year before. In fact, we had to turn their ad off early because they booked up so fast!

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