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You’ve Earned the Spotlight.

The most successful companies today are the ones who make a difference in their lives of their customers. Your business is a catalyst to greater things. You provide something that:

  • creates a moment
  • confirms a hope
  • delivers a promise
  • nurtures a feeling
  • or simplifies this complicated world.

That’s where the spotlight should shine.

Let’s Make You the Center of Attention

It’s a business owner’s dream to have a reliable lead generation system that works behind the scenes and around the clock. Digital marketing is the ideal way to get the focus on you 24/7, but there are a lot of cogs in the wheel and you have to know how to put them together perfectly. That’s why it’s time to call in the experts.

Internet Marketing

Introduce your company to your prospects online and convince them to buy your offer and become a raving fan. We’ll build a custom digital sales funnel using advanced methods that works behind the scenes 24/7.

Web Design

80% of consumers do online research before buying. But most business owners treat their website like a paper brochure. We help you design your website to generate leads, not just lookers. 

Advertise on the Hottest Platforms

Discover all the ways social media can boost customer engagement, get sales, and help you retain your customers. Paid advertising puts your message in front of your ideal prospect on the platforms they check multiple times a day. It’s the most efficient way to use your advertising budget.

Collect Rave Reviews

You’ve worked hard to deliver an amazing  experience. We work to bring in good reviews and minimize bad ones so you’re putting your best foot forward.

Apply for a Consultation

Tell us your business needs and challenges,  the size of your business, deadlines you are facing, and marketing challenges you’ve faced in the past. Be as specific as possible. Then we’ll set up a consulation to see if we’re a good fit for each other.

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About Silver Tablet

Debbie Ward, founder of Silver Tablet Marketing, discovered early in her career that she had a talent for making people take action simply by communicating exactly what they needed to know, often before they even asked for it.  When the internet exploded, so did her opportunities. No longer limited to snail mail and print, she hopped into the digital world with both feet and has never looked back.